Roxas’s Room

"What do we do now?"
"We’ll figure it out."


I can’t—I don’t even—like how—how is agron’s hand folding over nasir’s looking impossibly large and all imposingly curled over the smaller (but it’s not small tho) hand, just moving nasir to where he wants him. 

1. agron’s arm is literally twice as big as nasir’s. like agron can span nasir’s bicep with his hand. if that size difference doesn’t do it for you, i dunno what will

2. look at all that bed space behind agron. like he’s tryna drive nasir off the bed with his thrusts, keep pushing forward until they both fall off the bed… and even then, I don’t think it would’ve stopped agron, he’d fuck nasir all over the floor

3. ok from a purely aesthetic perspective, I love how the lines of their butts parallel each other perfectly—like the moment agron moved their arms, you can see the mirroring of their postures. not a microscopic molecule of air exists between them. agron isn’t even thrusting, it’s just a fast, hard grind of his hips, just rubbing on nasir’s prostate like a propeller, hitting that gland at 1000 rpm (that’s really fast, folks)

4. agron’s clench fist, he’s so flexing his right arm. but nasir tho, one side of his neck is being kissed and licked and chewed on, the other side is pressed up against a bulging bicep… that smile on nasir’s face is clearly saying “pls, maul away at mee neek ag-gron, I love your lovin’.”


Realistic Pokemon Series by Yuuki Morita / Twitter

Track: Space Jam City
Artist: M83 x Quad City DJ's
Album: TrebbleBiscuit Mashup
Plays: 2670


M83 x Quad City DJ’s | 'Space Jam City' (MASHUP)

It’s the mashup you never knew you wanted - because I mean, why the hell not!